All-Season, In-Office Treatments Must Haves What are you waiting for?!

All-Season, In-Office Treatments Must Haves What are you waiting for?!

If only we knew in our teens and twenties what we know in our thirties and beyond, right? Trust me, I have driven the skin struggle bus. 

I, literally, grew up on the beaches of Miami (worshipping the sun lathered in baby oil), spent many years in law enforcement on day shifts without sun protection, two courses of Accutane over the years, skin cancer, and what seemed like the most resistant skin dyspigmentation. 

At Elite Medical, it is most important to us that we offer effective treatments with minimal social downtime. Our favorite year-round treatment is medical microneedling. A series of four, performed once a month will yield a 400% collagen return, which is a clinically proven, studied outcome. It is such a versatile treatment because we can treat a myriad of conditions while stacking it with various boosters based upon what skin conditions we are targeting and treating. 

Once the series of four has been completed, we recommend maintenance treatments once a quarter. 

Another favorite is our Aerolase NeoElite laser. It is a 1064nm YAG with ZERO downtime. 

It is FDA approved to treat 36 different skin conditionsYou can stack the NeoElite with ANY of our other services for enhanced benefits. We also offer RF microneedling and 9D HIFU (newer technology than Ulthera). 

Our newest treatment addition, arriving soon, is the Reverse by Aerolase. This may result in four to five days of social downtime, but the results speak for themselves. The clinical studies recommend a total of 4-5 treatments followed by maintenance of twice a year.

The photo of my patient above is after only ONE treatment!

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The two C words that everyone has heard me preach at one time or another: Consistency and compliance! 

If a patient had hypertension, they would not take their blood pressure pill only when they felt like it, they would take it daily to ensure that they did not suffer a stroke. The same principles apply to our skin and skin aging. 

The aging process is happening every moment of every day – simply put, we are decaying. We must take an active, consistent role in all aspects of our health from the inside out! 

Following your treatment plan is the key to skin success. The team at Elite can develop a plan with all the tools you need to have healthy, glowing, and youthful skin but you must be committed to do the work!

Ready to get your skin back on track? Start with a skin strengthening treatment or shop our extensive selection of medical grade skincare.

We are here for you! Text us at  (813) 291-4153.

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