Now Offering the Neo Elite at Elite!

Now Offering the Neo Elite at Elite!

It’s only fitting that Elite would now offer our patients the Neo Elite! 


This amazing 650 micro-second laser delivers tremendous change to the skin without downtime or even the need for pretreatment numbing! This device is safe for ALL skin types/skin colors and treats a very wide array of skin conditions from rejuvenation to pigment to acne….it addresses 36 different FDA indications! 


How does it do it? The patented, unique combination of high-power within a short pulse duration allows the treatment to be performed without the need for anesthetics, skin cooling, or patient discomfort. This laser has eliminated the risk of adverse effects commonly found with other popular lasers. 




Some of the conditions most commonly treated (and deeply rooted in clinical studies/evidence): 


What we love so much about this treatment is that there is no social downtime!! No hiding because of swelling or crusted skin. People will look at you and wonder why you’re glowing!! 


The entire team at Elite has had a treatment and we all collectively described it as feeling like warm water running over our skin. It was quite relaxing and we all loved our glowing skin afterwards (especially me because I’m hard to impress)! 


My commitment to offering our patients the very best clinically validated treatments without the need for hiding for days afterwards led me to The Aerolase company. After months of studying this device it was an easy decision to partner with them! They hold a patent on the technology and there is no other laser on the market that compares with this one OR that can do what the Neo Elite can do! 


You can purchase them a la carte or as a package, which we highly recommend since more than one treatment is needed to treat various conditions. 


Individually, the treatment cost is $450

A package of three for $1200

A package of five for $1925

A package of ten for $3400


We can’t wait for you to see what the Neo Elite can do for you! Check them out on Instagram: @aerolase




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