The two treatments your skin cannot live without!

The two treatments your skin cannot live without!

If you have visited our office you have likely heard us discuss the importance of “skin strengthening treatments” and implementing the types of services that will contribute to collagen support and production. In very simplified terms, the cells that create new collagen go to sleep on the job around the age of thirty and only wake up if there is any type of skin repair needed. As if that’s not depressing enough, you move into what I call “deficiency mode” meaning you’ll lose more collagen than you’ll make…every day moving closer to thin, tissue paper like skin!


Two of our favorite in office collagen stimulating treatments are medical microneedling and sublative radiofrequency. Both treatments are very safe when performed by trained medical professionals: They are color blind (meaning they are safe for the lightest to the darkest of skin colors), treat multiple skin conditions (bye-bye enlarged pores), resurface (out with the old skin and in with the new skin), can be done on any part of the body, and BEST of all….minimal social downtime!




Medical Microneedling

Put down your home rollers people! All devices are NOT created equally! You would not buy a speculum from Amazon and do an at-home exam, so leave the medical microneedling to your medical provider! Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT. It is a process that starts with numbing the skin for about 30 minutes and employs the use of an electric medical needling device to create multiple micro-channels in the targeted area. These micro-channels then stimulate the skin’s natural healing properties by producing collagen and elastin. The clinical studies have shown a 400% return on collagen after a series of four sessions done four weeks apart! Hello Fountain of Youth! At Elite Medical, we use different enhancements or boosters on top of the microneedling to enhance the result and address your skin’s specific needs. There is no tissue destruction with this treatment, and the micro-channels usually close within two hours after treatment. You may experience some mild redness, swelling, and/or pinpoint bleeding. The bleeding usually ends immediately post treatment, and the redness or swelling is reduced significantly within hours of the procedure, although it may take 24 to 48 hours for your skin to return to normal. You can wear make up the following day and enjoy that sunburned hue while it lasts, because that is the only time you can look sun burned without the actual sun! With each progressive treatment, you will note a marked improvement in the texture of your skin, enhanced dermal thickness, reduction in pigment and any scarring, and reduction in your fine lines and wrinkles!


Sublative RF (Venus Viva)

Now you can treat your fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and improve textural irregularities all with very little downtime! This in-office procedure uses bipolar radio frequency (RF) technology. In three to six customized treatments, our sublative radiofrequency device can provide an effective acne scar treatment (cleared to use on active acne), anti-wrinkle treatment and overall rejuvenation and toning of the skin. Our device significantly reduces wrinkles, all types of skin imperfections (another pore size reducer, scar eraser, and stretch mark eliminator), textural irregularities, and makes the coveted NEW collagen. Proven in clinical trials, sublative radiofrequency provides deep dermal heating through RF energy. The clinical trials revealed that 83% of patients experienced significant improvements in skin brightness and 90% had significant improvements in skin smoothness and wrinkle reduction. It is also indicated for use in Rosacea patients as it strengthens the skin barrier and reduces superficial redness. You will be red (think sunburn) for 24-48 hours but you can wear make-up the very next day. A series of four to six treatments are recommended four weeks apart.


Come and try out our skin strengthening services, your skin is begging for the love! To schedule an appointment with our team, call 813.2914911 or text 813.291.4153.




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